Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Gardening

 Since it's only two more days until February[where did January go?] I thought I would tell you a few things you can do in the garden in February[if you are part Eskimo, maybe]. Yes I know it's been cold, but there will be a few warm days. This is the best time of year to transplant-or plant trees and schrubs, you can cut back all of that ugly looking monkey grass,and plant new roses. Presidents Day- February 15th this year is a good time to prune roses. Try to remember which ones bloom early in the spring and DO NOT cut them back until after they bloom. There will also be lots of sticks and branches from the recent winds that need to be picked up, use them to make a fire in the fire pit to keep warm. All of this gardening talk is making me antsy to get out there, but alas it is snowing here, and I am not that crazy-yet!

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