Friday, August 9, 2013


These morning glories were supposed to be solid blue-glad they turned out this way-love them. Parks seed sold these as tie dyed morning glories several years ago. I am hoping these make seeds and come back true.
Just beautiful!
This one looks like an old soft brushed denim. I love surprises-especially good ones!!!!


  1. I love morning glories, but, boy are they a pain. They come up by the millions and grow everywhere. How do you control them?? IAnd you are right as they never bloom the same in any different year. Mine usually all turn back to whit. These you have are wonderful. Richard and Sissy

  2. This is the first time I have planted them ,so I did not know they come back everywhere-uh-oh!

  3. I love them, but hate them if you know what I mean. They got pretty invasive in my garden and I had to work on getting rid of them.

  4. I wonder if these are invasive as the wild ones in your garden, Ramona? I guess I shall see.