Monday, May 27, 2013


It has finally stopped raining here and dried out! Of course it will be so dry soon we will be dragging out the water hoses!  I am sharing photos from Biedenharn Gardens in Louisiana. I recently visited here-while it was too wet to do anything else. I hope you can get some inspiration
for things to do in your garden-just maybe not on such a grand scale.
I love this combination of the lime green and coral color!
You could put your favorite piece of yard art in a bed of impatients, too.
O.K., so this is a little grand for most gardens, but do-able(is this a word?-lol) on a smaller scale.
All this is, is grouping pots with the same color flowers together in front of a green background-anyone can do this. It sure makes a bigger impact, than pots scattered everywhere.
How is this for a low maintenance garden? Pea gravel is used here, but you could probably use crushed granite-a cheaper option. All the maintenance needed here would be spraying the occasional weed that popped up. Notice how the pots are grouped together-more impact! I hope this gives you ideas. When you have down time in your own garden, go visit public gardens, there are tons of free ideas out there!


  1. I love the pea gravel idea but have always wondered about the fall leaves

  2. Yes, fall leaves would be a problem, unless you have a blower or something to suck them up with.