Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It is hard to beleive that this time next week we will officially be in Spring! I thought it never would get here!This is the entrance to Biedenharn Gardens in West Monroe, Louisiana. The hubs and I spent a lovely time there last weekend.
 This is not somthing you could do without some help!
 Sigh, but it sure is beautiful.A14 foot tall cast iron statue-one of four. There is a fountain at the top. If you are ever near here it is certainly worth the tour.


  1. I looked back and saw 2 new tulips this morning as I was locking the gate. Will have to remember to go and look and see how many came up.

    beautiful place.

  2. What a wonderful and exciting garden. I love the brick walls. Always dreamed of a walled garden. Thanks for sharing. I have a jonquil almost open. Yah!