Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Wow, I can't believe so much time has passed since a post. But you gardeners know how busy the last weeks of summer can be. Putting up all that harvest, making jellies and canning tomatoes and also beginning to plant or get ready for a fall garden.
The old standby tough as nails plants like crepe myrtle and rudbeckia are blooming away in spite of the awful temps we have been having. I long ago planted these old fashioned plants and other tough perennials and now I pretty much have a garden that takes care of itself,because I can tell you I am not braving the heat and bugs of a Mississippi summer!
The pot plants are all low water plants,nobody wants to be watering every five minutes. If you have plants that require more water, group them together, so you won't have to drag a hose all over the yard. And be sure and mulch them heavily-that will help a lot!

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  1. That's the way I feel about my yard. I've only started planting things that can take care of themselves.