Sunday, March 4, 2012

district meeting

Enjoyed the Distric meeting at Rankin County yesterday. Wonderful program on recycling and using what you have in the garden, instead of buying something new. Table decorations were great-plants in recycled tin cans-given away as prizes later.
Arrangement made from forsythia, nandina and yucca-plants found in almost all southern gardens.Vey striking in a large container.Cypress knees from the swamp make a great centerpiece, surrounded by moss.Gardeners always have fun together.


  1. Beautiful you are a master! Come and follow me back I lost all my followers last week had to start over Joann thanks for sharing

  2. Hi! Clever way to set the tables for a show on "up cycling" trendy words meaning recycling..haha I readit this week in an artist's blog. Gosh we wont see those plants blooming til mid July , except for the Forsythia.I really gotta move South! Huggs, Sunny109 (Dianna)

  3. I like the idea of using the cans to hold the beautiful plants, we won't see most of those till summer around here in Pa., really can't wait to see them!