Saturday, January 7, 2012


It won't be long till it's time to prune muscadines.The first week of Feruary until the first week of March is best. Remember that fruit grows on last years wood, so prune out the previous years wood.There are some excellent pruning videos on u-tube.These are photos from the Muscadine Jubilee in Pelahatchie ,Ms.You can buy plants and sample and buy products made with muscadines as well as enjoy free concerts. This year Ricky Skaggs was on stage. It is a fun festival, but be prepared it is HOT at that time of year.

Muscadine vines for sale.Yummy food to try.Cute town to visit.


  1. this reminds me of how much work i have to do! this is going to be a very weird spring since all of my pants are already acting like it is april! what will happen if we actually do get some winter later? what a totally strange year!

  2. It has been a strange year, but the weather channel says we are under a la nina or el nina or some name like that and that it will be a wetter, warmer winter-and it has been so far. That means more bugs this summer!My fruit tree buds are beginning to swell and my ferns have not even died!

  3. I'm sure we don't prune ours correctly.

  4. I love your blog. So inspiring! I so enjoy gardening but being pregnant, it's all getting a bit on top of me. Coming here has , made me realise why it is I love it so much. Thank you- I've signed up to follow you!