Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last week a few of us Master Gardeners took a road trip to Swan Creek Farms and Waterfowl Park in Montcello,Ms. It was a lovely place with beautiful lanscaping-got lots of great ideas. One of the owners is a landscape architect and is an expert on installing water gardens, he gave a seminar on water features and told us about the ones on the farm. Great outdoor fireplace for those cool evenings-what?- you didn't know we had those here in Mississippi-well sometimes!
Azaleas blooming in August!


  1. Oh My Gosh...
    What a gorgeous share this evening. I love this trip tonight. How beautiful and green and gorgeous everything is. The ponds are crystal clear and look, I can even see the koi in the pond. How beautiful they are.

    I love those huge elephant ears in that one planter with the lovely wall hangings behind. So pretty. It looks so peaceful and serene.

    Love the view of that patio as well. How inviting it is. So beautiful corners. I love seeing all the beauty.

    Thank you for taking me along this evening. Please stop by my blog and leave a comment or two. We are having Miracle Makeover this week through August 18th, and each comment left the sponsors, Guidepost Magazine and Design Gives Back is donating 1.00 towards the next makeover. Who knows we might make enough for 2 makeovers this next year. The sky is the limit. I would love it if you send your friends over as well. There is a video on my post about Charlie, our miracle makeover this year. He is 8 years old and has cancer. He and his family had a wonderful makeover. So touching, it will melt your heart.

    Have a glorious evening sweet friend, country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful place he has made of his yard.

  4. You visit the most beautiful places. I want to get out on the open road one of these days and stop setting in the GD shop for nothing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. Such a beautiful gardens! Looks like a nice cool place for a hot day.