Sunday, April 10, 2011


The antique roses are starting to bloom. I hear people all the time complaining that they can't grow roses,well they obviously need to try the old roses. After all a lot of these have been rescued from old home sites and graveyards and roadsides and put back into production. They have survived droughts and floods and bulldozers and weeds, mostly with no help or care so they are tough.

They are fairly easy to root as well, so you can get a start from a friend or rescue your own from the roadside.
The Antique Rose Emporium sells these old roses-you can google them.


  1. Roses are my favorite. I wish I had more room. My garden is very small and most of it gets very little sun. I have some on one side. I love when they start to show color and I know they will bust open soon. That's when they are most beautiful,open. I worked for many years as a florist and all the customers wanted these hard rock buds for roses. Took me a long time to convince them that they were much more beautiful when open. I used to buy them from the wholesaler when they were to open to sell. They came in bunches of 25 and he would sell them to me for $2.50. I always had them all over the house. I wish I still lived close. I miss them. Your garden must be wonderful. Thanks for stopping by and following. Richard at My Old Historic House