Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Got my creole tomatoes ready to repot in larger containers. I think I will wait to put them in the ground , I am still not convinced that we won't have more cold weather, though at 87 degrees today, I may be wrong. The hostas are coming up nicely. These daffodils are some I did not get in the ground until February, but they still put on quite a show.It won't be long until the banana shrub is blooming and scenting the whole yard-can't wait.
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  1. Hey there : )
    I would trade weather with you any time NOW !
    I was excited to see we were going up to 3 degrees on Tuesday .. my garden needs some TLC !!
    Joy : )

  2. Your right, the weather has been so weird this year you just can't tell if it is warm for sure??! I love homegrown tomatoes, and your daffodils are lovely!


  3. I see we have a few interests in common! Thank you for your compliment! I do miss having a garden, the window sill being a
    substitute in my 10th floor space in NYC. Is that middle shot of
    basil, I wonder. What a gift blogging is to artists who have so many interests in which imagery can be found to photograph!

  4. Looks like you are coming right along with your gardening. Every thing is looking great. Hugs :) Ginger