Saturday, June 12, 2010


Do not let this happen to you! I had been really lax about cleaning my water garden, and the plants had busted out of their pots and the roots had grown together. What a mess! I think one of the pickeral rushes must have weighed over a hundred pounds- we worked for an hour trying to lift it up and out of the pond. I had to be careful, because I had underwater lights and pump fittings that the roots had grown around. I called everyone I knew that might want water lillies and other plants- I only kept a few. At least I took the time to fertilize the lillies while they were out of the pond. All of the frogs were most upset until I got the water back in. Now , I just have to clean everything up and re landscape around the pond where we trampled everything!
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  1. I betcha this is so pretty all put together...Christine