Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aren't the daffodils blooming beautifully! They multiply rapidly and if you like to share as I do then you'll find this helpful. Now seems like it would be an easy and convenient time to divide some of our daffodils. Although it's usually recommended to move them when they are dormant, this is not always easy or practical. Without the presence of foliage it's hard to remember just where the bulbs are, and invariably when you start digging around trying to find them you're going to slice into some of the bulbs. You can dig up the whole clump even while in bloom and move it now if you are careful to get a good clump of soil with the bulbs. If you wanted to combine or arrange your daffodils this is a great time where you can see how tall they are and what colors you have. Oops! you may break a few, no worries, they'll make a nice bouquet. Enjoy!!

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